About Me


Hey there! My name is Sarah Brown! Welcome to my World of Wander! I’m a Minnesota girl with a passion for travel. I love exploring the world and I’ve been to over 50 countries. I hope that this website can help to inspire you to get out there and wander the world too!


 I started this site because I found that most of the travel blogs out there are written by people who travel the world for a living. With unlimited time and resources, it’s easy to spend months exploring a destination, but most people only have a few precious weeks . I would love to be a professional traveler, but I work a full time job as a Water Quality Specialist and I know that it’s hard to find advice and itineraries for people with busy lives.  My goal is to help bring you articles that will help make your trip planning easy and fun. I hope you’ll follow along on my adventures to find out more on how to balance a great career with a lust for adventure!


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