2Before we set off for Petra, there was one thing that I just couldn’t find on the internet…. How to get to the Treasury overlook at Petra. I had seen a few pictures here and there on Instagram, so I knew of its existence, but I could never find the elusive instructions. Once we arrived at Petra, we asked around and most other tourists hadn’t even heard of it. So we decided to ask the local experts, the Bedouins. Of course they knew where it was and they were more than happy to show us the way……for a price. They wanted to charge us the equivalent of 75 USD$ for a donkey ride up the mountain! I’m all for being an entrepreneur, but that was highway robbery, even for American standards.

Everything is negotiable in Jordan. So of course we bargained with them:

“How long will it take?”

“30 min by donkey…..nice ride for you!”

“Ok, how about we walk.”

“That would be 50 USD$!”

“What! No way!”

I was trying to ask questions about the route and which way we would be going and they were very elusive with their answers. I’m sure it was to not give away any hints about the trail. A big part of me just wanted to go and find it myself. Most of the time I’m adventurous enough to just get lost and wander, but with only two days at the site, we were on a tight schedule and didn’t want to miss out on any experiences.

So alas, we did some more bargaining, dug deep into our pockets and settled on a price – 20 USD$ to take us to the site…..on foot! I’m really happy that we got to see the Treasury from above, but if I can help some other travelers do it for free, then I’m happy to help.

So that YOU don’t have to pay the big bucks, here are the step by step instructions on how to get to the Treasury overlook at Petra!



Once you have reached the Treasury, keep walking past the Theatre and the Royal Tombs. Head up to the high path right under the Tombs, not the lower path that runs towards the Monestary


In the picture above you can see the Royal Tombs. In the far left of the picture you can see a see where the high path continues around to the back of the tombs. Stay on the high path until you get to the sign post for the Al-Khubtha Trail

DSC03989(2)Sign post for Al-Khubtha Trail

Follow the sign that points to the Al-Khubtha Trail. This is the path you will want to be on. The path will curve around to the back side of the tombs and then you will start your ultimate stair stepper workout!

DSC03948(2)Path starts going up

DSC03949(2)And up…..

DSC03951(2)And up……Just think how tight your buns will be!

Keep going up. You will eventually get to a spot where you will have an amazing overlook of the whole valley that Petra is in. This is a good spot to have a rest and take some pictures.

DSC03952(2)Overlook of the Theatre and the City of Petra

I’m sure this is probably the point that many people turn around but if you keep on following the path you will eventually come upon a structure that looks like a small house.

1bTake the hidden stairs in front of this small house

Unless you are standing right by them it is easy to miss the stairs. Take them down to the left of the house

DSC03955(2)The magical steps to the Treasury

After these steps go to your right. The path is only marked with some small stones, but it isn’t too far after this. After this point, here is no where for you to take a wrong turn, so just keep on going until you see the small overlook hut!

PetraThe pay-off! An amazing view of the Treasury

A nice guy is hanging out at the hut and he will be happy to sell you some refreshments while you gaze at the Treasury. The whole time we were there, no one else arrived! We had this view all to ourselves for about 30 minutes while we snapped pics and relaxed. Enjoy!



This hike takes about 45 minutes from the Royal Tombs one way. Make sure you have adequate shoes for the uneven terrain.  You will be exposed to intense sun most of the way so bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water.  I would recommend doing this hike earlier in the day before it gets too hot. We did this hike relatively early in the morning to avoid the heat. If you don’t think you are in shape enough and you still want to get to the overlook you can always rent a donkey for a one way trip. It’s going to cost you a pretty penny, so bargain hard!


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